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Talent and Urban Migration

Talent and Urban Migration

The MD NIGCOMSAT Ltd  on Facebook shared her thoughts generally on Talent and Urban Migration and the importance of Broadband access provided by agencies like NIGCOMSAT Ltd and Galaxy Backbone Ltd in supporting initiatives like the 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) Learning Community driven by the Minister Dr. Bosun Tijani. Read her thoughts below:

"Two nights ago during dinner, we discussed the 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) Learning Community initiated by the Minister Dr 'Bosun Tijani  and IHS Towers. I wanted to see the application data to understand if talent was concentrated in urban areas, like the startup ecosystem, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that large numbers of applications came from remote places in Nigeria as well.

This insight challenges the assumption that talent is limited to urban areas, and we should focus on reaching and empowering talent where they are, promoting inclusivity. Research suggests promoting STEM education drives innovation and this in turn creates growth. 

Can we do this without urban migration? I've experienced successful remote work, which can contribute to innovation and lead to export of technology and talent.

This week, I commissioned the Google  #DeveloperStudentClubs in Nigeria, to work with my team in building an Enterprise software,  demonstrating that talent doesn't need one to be in one place. The 3MTT can achieve this too, the program can partner with the public and private sector to harness and employ trained talents without urban migration.

Technology, like broadband access provided by agencies such as  NIGCOMSAT Limited  and Galaxy Backbone Limited , supports this initiative, enabling young people in remote areas to develop their potential and earn a wage. 

If you have collaborative ideas for NigComSat, feel free to reach out. Happy new week! "

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